Do You Like Social News Websites?    Then You Are Socialphile!

We prepared a new Mozilla Firefox Extension you've been expecting to get for long time.

  • Do you use Google, Yahoo or MSN for searching each day?
  • Are you tired of seeing non-relevant search results?
  • Do you want more social related search?
  • Do you want to see your favourite search engine's results based on social news websites you visit each day?
  • Do you want to submit news to your favourite social news website from search engine results directly?
  • Do you think that Mozilla Firefox is the best browser ever?

Well, you are real Socialphile in this case.

Look at this Mozilla Firefox Extension we have prepared for you.


  • Socialphile Firefox Extension assists users with comfortable searching based on ranking of each search result at social news websites like
  • It allows to accentuate search results ranked by social news websites like
  • It allows to submit search result items directly to social news websites
  • Supports the following sort of search engines:
    • Google
    • Google News
    • Yahoo
    • MSN or Live
  • Fast because it uses Digg API
  • Socialphile is a free extension (GPL),

Works with:

  • Firefox: 1.5 - 3.0.*

Privacy Policy:

  • Socialphile Extension doesn't share or lease personal identifiable information about you to any third-parties for any reason


  • Please contact us with suggestions, comments or bug reports. Thanks to everyone who suggested new features and reported bugs

Coming Soon:

  • Support of other popular social news websites
  • More search engines
  • Better customization
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